D.L. Simmons & Company Church Organs
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  • Artistic, High Quality Pipe Samples
  • 4 Independent Stop Lists in Each Organ
  • Multiple Channel Sound, Up to 64 or more
  • Quad-polar AcoustiCube Speakers w/ woofer
  • Custom-designed Speaker Systems
  • Each organ is hand-built by skilled craftsmen
  • Multi-Channel Note Assignment per Stop
  • Detailed Voicing Capabilities
  • Fine Quality, Top-Tier Console Construction
  • Elegant Console Appointments and Design
  • Phoenix's Passion for the Organ and its Music
  • Phoenix Organs and The New Phoenix II Organs
Why we sell church organs:
For the love of the instrument, the power of its music, and the desire that it will support worship in your church.

9:00am to 5:00pm Central
Monday - Friday
Phoenix Organs produces an extremely high quality digital organ with extraordinary system dependability, aural excellence, and absolutely top-shelf console design and construction, perfect choice for church, institutions, and homes. Best digital organ made.

Phoenix Organs can build you a custom, hand-crafted organ at a price that is more than competitive with any mass-produced organ builder, and often is less.

Please don't buy a digital organ without first letting us provide you with information and a custom price quote for your specific needs.
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